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Conversation with Shannon Yee (Executive Director, The Exchange at Georgia Tech) and Stephen Hammer (CEO, The New York Climate Exchange).

The New York Climate Exchange (NYCE) is a first-of-its-kind collaborative model for developing and demonstrating global climate solutions. Located on Governors Island, the design and operations of NYCE facilities will serve as a model for sustainability and will include a Living Building that is anticipated to be the world’s largest regenerative building.

As one of eight NYCE Core Partners, Georgia Tech brings our long history of environmental stewardship to the collaborative. Our researchers, academics, and graduates were, and continue to be, globally recognized as leading innovators in fields such as solar, energy storage, materials, and sustainability policy. We have the world’s most advanced Living Building, The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design, dozens of LEED-certified sustainable buildings, and a campus-wide stormwater reduction strategy known as the EcoCommons.

The Exchange at Georgia Tech is an embodiment of our duties as a NYCE Core Partner. Our researchers, academics, staff, and students will investigate, identify, and develop innovative solutions that lead to immediate climate action on the regional, national, and global levels. This effort advances Georgia Tech’s commitment to lead by example, showing our global partners and peers the pivotal role of the Southeast region of the United States in advancing equitable and innovative climate solutions.

The New York Climate Exchange

NYCE's future home will be on Governors Island. Located off the southern tip of Manhattan, the island is a short ferry ride to Wall Street and the United Nations. This location provides NYCE a unique position from which to support education, research, innovation and commercialization, workforce development, and public programming. Before construction begins, NYCE will host activities both on Governors Island and in partner locations that prepare local and global communities to respond to climate challenges.

NYCE’s physical presence and far-reaching programs will work together to:

  • Accelerate climate research for coastal urban environments,
  • Pilot new building technologies,
  • Demonstrate and disseminate research findings,
  • Engage and develop the next generation workforce, and
  • Host programs that bring cutting-edge insight from academia, industry, government, and communities to life on and off the island.

Solutions that come from NYCE will help address today’s environmental challenges by creating customized, local strategies for New York City that can be replicated and adapted for implementation in other areas around the world. These actions will help ensure our cities and communities are safe, livable, and vibrant for generations to come.

The Exchange at Georgia Tech

The Exchange at Georgia Tech - Dr. Shannon Yee.

The Exchange at Georgia Tech provides a nexus for the extended work of NYCE on our Atlanta campus and a regional hub for the expanded work of NYCE throughout the southeastern United States, as well as at our campuses in Metz, France and Shenzhen, China.

As the word implies, the work of NYCE is just that – an exchange. As NYCE launches ten inaugural NYCE program teams, The Exchange at Georgia Tech will serve as the conduit through which we will bring the unique and diverse strengths of our campus community to the table. Similarly, as new efforts and innovative solutions arise on our campuses, The Exchange at Georgia Tech will be the pathway for amplified impact through NYCE. 

NYCE understands the global nature of the sustainability challenges and opportunities we face while embracing the importance of place-based solutions. Through our global campus community in Atlanta, Savannah, Metz, and Shenzhen plus our extensive partner network in Georgia, across the Southeast, and around the world, The Exchange at Georgia Tech sits at the heart of this approach. 

As NYCE aspires to expand its reach and deepen its impact in the years ahead, The Exchange at Georgia Tech will be the anchor point for further engagement of our local, regional, and global communities, partners, and stakeholders.

To join the expanded team at The Exchange at Georgia Tech, please visit the Programs page, review the ten inaugural NYCE program teams, and contact the designated Georgia Tech Lead on the team you want to join.


NYCE Core Partners

Core partners have committed to significant financial and/or programmatic support of NYCE and will serve as voting members of the Board of Directors.

NYCE Core Partners